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Therapeutic Areas
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It is a tobramycin formulation in a sterile inhalation solution for the treatment of chronic pulmonary infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). The drug is available in mono-dose vials, to be administered twice daily in 28-day therapeutic cycles, alternating with a period of treatment suspension of the same duration.
Bramitob is sold in 20 Countries. Launches in other Caucasian countries are planned for the next few years as cystic fibrosis, which is the most common special care disease, predominantly affects these populations.
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Europe plays R&D catch up
Biomedical research today speaks with an American accent. This is only a recent phenomenon and through concerted efforts in Europe and elsewhere US dominance in life sciences innovation is being challenged. Prior to 1980, European firms defined the biomedical indus- try, both in terms of market presence and an ability to create and manufacture innovative new products. Underpinned by a chemical industry forged in the crucible of the 19th century industrial revolution, Europe maintained a dominant position in biomedical research for most of the 20th century.