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In 2009 Chiesi started to build a new research centre in Parma which should be completed by 2011, confirming and consolidating the Company’s commitment to Research and Development for the future. The centre which will extend over approximately twenty-two thousand square metres, will be the “ Corporate” headquarters of R&D, hosting all skills and technologies necessary for the identification of “lead compounds”, preclinical and clinical development, the management of regulatory activities and the R&D global portfolio, coordinating and integrating with activities on other sites. The centre will be a point of reference for important international skills and on the one hand, making it possible to strengthen already existing partnerships with the academic world and other scientific institutions and, on the other hand, providing the premise to start up new collaborations. The Centre will make it possible to complete the entire cycle of drug research and development: studies of molecular synthesis, aimed at selecting the most promising molecules, preclinical and formulation studies which evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of candidate drugs, clinical trials and, finally, registration for the authorization of the release for marketing of new drugs. The new Centre which has been designed according to modern criteria of eco-sustainability, will be built with particular attention being paid to energy saving and reduction of the structure’s environmental impact. Furthermore, "Plug in" technology will make work stations more versatile, whilst the use of robots and highly automated instruments will enable optimal integration of the processes linked to the stages of research. The entirely flexible design will also provide multifunctional spaces and a high level of synergy between workstations for data handling and the laboratories.
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