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Our Location
Chiesi Pharmaceuticals LLC, Russia
Chiesi Pharmaceuticals LLC, Russia
Usievicha str. 20 bld. 1, floor 3 (physical address)
125190, Moscow, Russia, mailbox 72 (post address)

(t) + 7 495 967 1212
(f) + 7 495 967 1211

General Manager: Yury Litvishchenko

Russian pharmaceutical market continuously growing in value despite the difficult economic environment +12% Vs 2011; Chiesi Russia sales growth driven mainly by Curosurf which represent > 60% of local turnover. 2nd leading brand is Vasobral with 5 mln Euro turnover, shortly followed by Respiratory Franchise and Bramitob.
Despite the fact that Foster is not covered with National reimbursement 2012 was the 1st year when we nearly achieved 1 mln Euro Foster sales in Russia. Successfully started cooperation with biggest National manufacturer Pharmstandard on Foster, Atimos and Clenil local packaging to meet the Russian government objectives to localize products which are already reimbursement and may be included in future reimbursement.
To meet the changing pharmaceutical market environment in terms of regionalization and decentralization of decision making process it was established new structure of Market Access Managers responsible for each of 8th Federal Areas with its own healthcare peculiarities and different financing capabilities. Main objective of newly created structure is to include our Respiratory Franchise products – Foster in particular in local reimbursement programs and protect Curosurf market share. Among the the main targets of 2013: continue double digit sales growth development; succeed with inclusion of Foster in National treatment guidelines; further development of Curosurf; start fully operational local legal entity.
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Corporate Contacts
Chiesi Farmaceutici S. P. A.
Head Office
Largo Francesco Belloli, 11/a
43122 Parma

(t) +39 0521 2791
(f) +39 0521 774468