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Torrex Chiesi Kft, Ungheria
Torrex Chiesi Kft, Ungheria
Kristóf tèr 4.
1052 Budapest

(t) +36 1 429 10 60
(f) +36 1 429 10 64
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In spite of the difficult pharmaeconomical situation in Hungary the business was successfully developed in 2012, mainly based on the sales in respiratory (Foster, Atimos), but also in the segment of antirheumatics (Piroxicam-betacyclodextrin, Brexin) with a traditional strong position in intensive care (Curosurf, Bramitob, Midazolam, etc.).
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Chiesi Farmaceutici S. P. A.
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Largo Francesco Belloli, 11/a
43122 Parma

(t) +39 0521 2791
(f) +39 0521 774468