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Social Responsibility
Chiesi Foundation

The Chiesi Foundation is a non-profit organization which seeks to promote human health and to alleviate patients’ suffering through research, sharing of knowledge, and through medical, public and patients’ education. The main focus of intervention is in the areas of respiratory, rare, and neonatal diseases.
The Chiesi Foundation represents the social responsibility of the company Chiesi from which the Foundation has inherited the knowledge and network needed in order to reach its objectives.
The Chiesi Foundation is inspired by Chiesi’s most profound and deep-rooted values:
  • Centricity of the human being;
  • Ethics;
  • Sense of responsibility towards the society and the environment.
Main interventional areas are the following:
  • Enhancing scientific research and sharing of biomedical knowledge;
  • Support to young researchers;
  • Wide spread sharing of knowledge specifically in developing countries and with patients’ associations.
The Chiesi Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, and supported by a Scientific Advisory Board which represents the cultural and scientific reference point. The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of illustrious members of the scientific community.
The Chiesi Foundation funds high level research projects, in particular in chronic respiratory affections and neonatal disorders to better understand the patients’ needs and improve their management, through the study of physio-pathological mechanism, of phenotypes and in depth analysis of psychological aspects. At present 4 scientific research projects are being funded which are carried out by Italian Universities.
Furthermore, the Foundation takes care of the diffusion of scientific knowledge through publications and conferences.
Respiration Day
Respiration Day is a highly scientific, international event reserved to physicians and researchers who meet annually to exchange ideas and experiences and to be updated with the latest outcomes of the worldwide biomedical research in asthma and COPD. The objective of this event is to contribute to the understanding of the underlying disease mechanisms, to share the latest evidence in terms of treatment and therapy and converge the point of views of researchers, physicians and patients. The 8th Respiration Day 2012 will take place on 8th June in Parma and will be dedicated to the theme “Personalised Medicine: Application in Respiratory Disease”.
Maurizio Vignola ERS Award for Innovation in Pneumology
The Maurizio Vignola Award for Innovation in Pneumology is an initiative realised in collaboration with the European Respiratory Society, for the diffusion of scientific research and the development of know-how in the respiratory disease field.
The award is dedicated to the memory of Prof. A. Maurizio Vignola (1964-2004), for his outstanding contribution to respiratory medicine and offers every year an unrestricted Award of 20,000 Euro. The scope of the research to be considered will be in the area of respiratory medicine and will focus on basic mechanisms in respiratory diseases.
Small Airways: a target to be explored in Asthma and COPD
The Chiesi Foundation believes that an important area of investigation is the involvement of the distal airways in the pathogenesis of asthma and COPD and continues its longterm collaboration on this subject with the Centre for Research on Asthma and COPD of Ferrara University.
II Workshop on Neonatal Care in developing countries-Formation, networks and projects
The Chiesi Foundation supported the 2nd national Congress in Mantua (7th May 2012) that represented a time of sharing of experiences, issues, and protocols, and highlights projects and collaborations in
territories to the south of the world to increase the health network of support and solidarity.
World Spirometry Day
The Chiesi Foundation supports the Association “Ev-K2-CNR”, a private non profit organization, which proposes and develops projects of scientific and technological research at high altitude. This year, the Chiesi Foundation supports the organization of the World Spirometry Day in Nepal.
Education and support to young researchers
The Chiesi Foundation firmly supports scientific activities of young researchers, which is of utmost importance for evolution and the development of therapeutic strategies and more effective solutions.
Thus every year the Foundation assigns a financing to 3 young researchers for PhD projects in the field of pneumology and neonatology.
I.O. PhD International Research Programme
Within the framework of the international training programme for young italian neonatologists, the Chiesi Foundation supports the Italy-Netherlands International Doctorate, in collaboration between the Hospital Cesare Arrigo in Alexandria and the Universities of Utrecht and Maastricht.
Solidarity and International Co-operation Projects The Chiesi Foundation is supporting various projects in collaboration with patients’ associations. In addition, it pays particular attention to co-operation projects in Africa and South America with the objective to improve the economical and social context, health conditions, and access to cure by premature infants and patients affected by asthma and COPD.
Currently, 4 projects are on-going in Africa and Brazil:
  • Benin: three-year project for the building of the department of neonatology at San Jean De Dieu Hospital in Tanguietà.
  • Burkina Faso: three-year collaboration with the Neonatology Unit of the Saint Camille Medical Centre of Ouagadougou.
  • Brazil: three-year collaboration with the Hospital of Divina Providencia for the enhancement of the social and health status of the community of Marituba, Parà.
  • Republic of Central Africa: two-year project to build a maternal-infant healthcare centre in Bossemptelè.
In 2012, the Chiesi Foundation also supports:
  • The Fidenza for Children Association for a project that involves the reconstruction of the House de los ninos, in San Miguelito, Bolivia.
  • The Burmese Migrant Worker’s Education Organization for a project of infant schooling in Mae Sot, Thailand.
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